Make everything as simple as possible. But not simpler!

-Albert Einstein

I have been pondering about starting a blog on my understanding of the popular programming languages C and C++ for quite some time. I am not a seasoned writer. To be honest with you, I am still a little sceptical to foray into this world of blogging! I always try to understand a thing to it’s very core by analysing it, understand how it works and why it works the way it does. And once I understand these, I will articulate or rather try to teach them to others. I think, I have got some good experience in that regard.

Well, somehow, I have mustered enough courage to start this blog. But here is the thing – there are already a myriad of books, articles, papers and even vlogs (Video Logs) available out there related to C and C++. So, if this blog has to standout it needs to be unique; I must set a different perspective, should be concise and precise, and have to satiate a reader’s mind! I know well that it’s not easy to quench the thirst for knowledge! As an author, I will be glad if this blog could change the way programmers see C and C++ languages.

Let us begin this journey! Let us understand the philosophy of C and C++, understand how things work under the hood, and how we can apply them to solve programming problems. I will not be covering basics of C/C++ languages and their features on this blog. As I said, there are enough materials out there for that purpose. My intention is to set a different perspective for the programmers of these languages by showing them how ‘C’ and ‘C++’ work. Most of the topics will be related to various abstraction mechanisms and the language’s execution model.

The most important thing that drives me is this: The more you share your knowledge, the more you will learn.

I welcome the curious minds, the enthusiasts, the sagacious who want to advance their knowledge in C and C++ to join my Club!!! Let us embark on our adventures with ‘C’ and ‘C++’. 

Before starting the chapters, I recommend all to have a quick glance of this blog. Visit the page “The C and C++ Club: At a glance”

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The Journey Begins!